Friday, January 28, 2011

Cure for Diaper Rash!

Thanks to my friend Stephanie for this Helpful Tip!

My son gets horrible diaper rash, especially when he is on antibiotics (which is a lot!).  I always know that after he has been on the antibiotics for a few days, the diarrhea comes and so does the rash and his bum gets RAW! Many times bleeding no matter how quickly I am changing him.

My friend Stephanie told me her cure for diaper rash she learned from her mother-in-law.  Burnt flour!

Take 1 cup of flour and put it in a pie tin.  Stick it under the broiler until it gets brown.  Stir it around to make sure all of it gets burned.  Remove from oven and let cool.  Then put it in a plastic container and sprinkle on the child’s bottom at each diaper change.

My little one had just started getting the dreaded rash and I tried this and it works! His rash had cleared up by the next change.  It was even fine when he woke up this morning.  I am so happy to find something that works! I had tried just about everything and nothing has worked as well as Burnt Flour!

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  1. Huh... wish I would have known that when Nathan was still in diapers!